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Tulsa offers the exceptional values in office space. At TulsaProperties.com you’ll find a hand selected inventory of Tulsa’s office buildings designed to make your choice of Tulsa office space easy to find. Of course, the Pricing you’ll find here is subject to change. Click here for Office Space Details.

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The Tulsa Office Market

We currently display over 140 multi-tenant office buildings in the Tulsa office market most of which are over 40,000 sf.

These Tulsa office buildings are sorted for your convenience by Corridor and Price range per square foot, with each building associated with the demographic corridor you have selected. Additionally, we have sorted the buildings by class to make a selection based on quality and age.

How to Search The Office Buildings

In our building corridor section the office properties are sorted for you in the most logical order by price range per square foot.

Though these properties are not exclusive listings of TulsaProperties.com LLC, we work with all the owners and their brokers regularly for our clients. If you can’t find a building you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

The information provided is derived from various sources of data which includes basic details of the buildings available, size, and the quoted lease rates.

Office space rates and market trends sometimes change and should require specific inquiry to make sure of the accuracy.


Do you need help finding your office space?

Buyer &Tenant Rep Services

Our core specialty is working with Tenants with their transactions. We assist tenants in finding office space suitable for their needs according to their size, budget, building class and geographic preference. The building list we have compiled is comprised of specially selected office buildings in the Tulsa office market which meet our criteria.  Shared commissions allow us to do this without any extra charge to our client tenants.

Buyer & Tenant Rep Services are a HUGE time saver if you are looking for office space. Our business is to hunt down the best property to suit your needs without costing you time and money. Besides gaining good advice and market knowledge, you will have the advantage of having the market information you need to help you transact your deal.

Since space availability, space configuration and price range PSF does change, you might consider having the assistance of a broker who has experience and willingness to help.

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