Start with Calculating Your Office Space Requirement

Many companies assume they need a certain amount of space and find out later they need a bit more or less than they thought. So, before you begin to seach for a specific building it’s best to define your requirement.  This office space calculator will help you define your need before you begin looking.

Once your space requirement is defined be sure to click the link at the bottom of the tool to download your report as a PDF. Then, send us the results to [email protected] then we’ll begin searching for the right fit. LLC serves as a tenant rep broker. As a tenant rep our services help tenants find and procure space that gives balance to negotiating the decision making process.  Our services are paid through the existing agency commissions so that there is no additional cost to your company.

TulsaProperties.Com, LLC is not the listing agent of the office properties in this list of buildings unless specifically noted. Rather, we normally work with tenants looking for and needing to negotiate space.

*Note: Rates Are Subject To Change. We have updated our data this month. A few buildings may not appear on this list because they have missing data, not deemed marketable, or not suitable for inclusion for other reasons. If the buildings are under 40,000 square feet, or are not multi-tenant properties, it is unlikely they will be included in this website.